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Semiconductor components-High purity silicon carbide 4N

The company uses the highest purity SIC in unconventional processes (purity 4N) as raw material and uses hot pressing sintering technology to produce customized SIC parts. The product is very suitable for use in semiconductors and lithography machines.

On the premise of ensuring purity, the product is processed to have good dimensional accuracy, smoothness, and flatness, fully meeting the requirements for use. The processing methods include cutting, grinding, drilling, etc. We can customize SIC special products according to your needs.

The Vickers hardness of SIC ceramics is very high, around 2600HV, and its toughness is poor, making it difficult to process. After years of process research, the company has mastered multiple technologies dedicated to the processing of Silicon Carbide ceramics, and can complete the processing of special structures of Silicon Carbide with high quality.

    Product Details

    Silicon carbide has won a broader development space due to its stable performance and excellent performance in extreme special environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and high frequency. At present, silicon carbide and its semiconductor materials have become one of the most concerned semiconductor materials, and have been widely used in some power devices such as converters. Silicon carbide materials themselves have the characteristics of adapting to high power conversion and low operating energy consumption. Therefore, the combination of this low-energy semiconductor material with clean energy can achieve a greater transformation towards environmentally friendly energy methods. Good results can be achieved in applications such as deep well drilling, solar inverters, wind energy inverters, and electric powered and hybrid vehicles. At the same time, the application of high-power power conversion in some light rail traction fields represented by industrial driving is also quite common.

    The application fields and roles played by silicon carbide semiconductor materials are very diverse. It has enormous potential in fields related to electricity such as new energy vehicles, rail transit, and smart grids. With the increasing global demand for new semiconductor materials, some lightweight, high conversion efficiency, and low heat generation semiconductor materials have become typical representatives of market demand.

    Product Technical Parameters

    Product Technical Parameters
    Type Parameter value
    Main Components SIC≥99.9%
    Bulk Density g/cm3 3.15~3.22
    Elastic Modulus Gpa ≥430
    Vickers Hardness HV 2500-2700
    Bending Strength Mpa ≥490
    Fracture Toughness MPa·m1/2 3.5-4.5
    Coefficient of thermal expansion K-1*10-6 4.43±0.1
    Thermal Conductivity W/ (m*k) 258±15

    Product Advantage

    1. High-purity 
    2. Customizable indicators
    3. Stable quality
    4. Good cost-effectiveness
    5. Flexible production plan

    Company Introduction

    Shandong Huayi Tech New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in China and was established in 2018. The company is committed to the development and application of materials such as silicon carbide and boron carbide in multiple industries.

    The company's main products are silicon carbide powder and ceramics, boron carbide powder and ceramics, silicon carbide ceramic films, nuclear power boron carbide materials, etc. These products are widely used in the nuclear power industry, military industry, environmental protection, new energy, chemical industry and other fields.