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Pre-mixed Boron Carbide powder (for ceramics)

Pre-mixed boron carbide powder is a premium ceramic material known for its exceptional hardness, low density, high strength and chemical inertness. It has a uniform particle size and precise blend designed to make advanced ceramics for a variety of industrial applications. Our products offer excellent wear and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for use on armor, cutting tools, nozzles and other demanding environments. Trust our pre-mixed boron carbide powders to enhance the properties and performance of your ceramic products to meet the stringent requirements of modern industry.

Pre-mixed boron carbide powder for ceramics is a carefully engineered blend designed to enhance the performance and reliability of ceramic products. Our powders focus on consistency and quality to ensure superior results in ceramic processing. Trust our high-quality pre-mixed boron carbide powders to meet the stringent requirements of the ceramic industry.

    Product Details

    Boron carbide granulation powder is prepared by spray granulation after 12 hours of full mixing and uniformity of high-purity superfine boron carbide powder and sintering additives in accordance with the optimal ratio. The boron carbide granulation powder product has round particles, good fluidity, and a particle size range of 30-120um. The particles are uniform, and the product is easy to press and shape, easier to sinter, and has a high product performance.

    There are two types of boron carbide granulation powder: hot press sintering and non press sintering. Non press sintering is divided into two types based on different uses: boron carbide bulletproof ceramic special and ordinary ceramic.

    Product Technical Parameters

    Item Value
    1 Particle Size Range 30-90μm
    2 Bulk Density ≥0.70g/cm3
    3 Fluxility ≤2g/s
    4 Moisture Content ≤1.5%

    Product Advantage


    Concentrated and uniform particle distribution.
    Good product flow performance.
    Can be customized according to needs.

    Company Introduction

    Shandong Huayi Technology New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in China in 2018 and focuses on promoting the utilization of silicon carbide and boron carbide materials in multiple industries. The company's main products include silicon carbide powders and ceramics, boron carbide powders and ceramics, silicon carbide ceramic films and nuclear power boron carbide materials. These products are widely used in nuclear power, military industry, environmental protection, new energy, chemical industry and other fields.

    Product Application