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Large size dense SIC Ceramic – Hot Pressed Silicon Carbide bulletproof ceramics

The main advantage of hot pressed silicon carbide as a bulletproof ceramic is that when producing large-sized and thick SIC, SIC ceramics can still maintain good density and excellent performance. This type of ceramic is suitable for tank protection and can withstand greater firepower. The company can currently produce 300 * 300 * 100mm hot pressed silicon carbide bulletproof ceramics with excellent performance. Welcome to inquire.

    Product Details

    Silicon carbide ceramics are currently the most competitive product among bulletproof ceramic materials, with characteristics such as light weight, high hardness, and impact resistance. We use the most advanced pressureless or hot pressed sintering process to prepare products with good quality, competitive price, and short delivery times.

    Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and boron carbide are three commonly used materials in bulletproof ceramics. Alumina ceramic bulletproof sheet (commonly known as white sheet) has low hardness (HRA90) and high density among the three; Boron carbide ceramic bulletproof sheets have high hardness, low density, and the best performance among the three materials, but their prices are also far higher than the other two materials. Compared to aluminum oxide bulletproof sheets, silicon carbide ceramic bulletproof sheets (commonly known as black sheets) have a hardness of HRA92 and a density of only 82%, making them more affordable and widely used.

    Product Technical Parameters

    Product Technical Parameters
    Type Parameter value
    Main Components SiC≥99.5%
    Bulk Density g/cm3 3.15-3.22
    Elastic Modulus Gpa ≥430
    Vickers Hardness HV ≥2600
    Bending Strength Mpa ≥480
    Fracture Toughness MPa·m1/2 3.5-4.0

    Product Advantage

    1. Light weight 
    2. High hardness
    3. Good wear resistance
    4. Customizable
    5. Various specifications(Hexagon/Square/rectangle/ trapezoid/round/triangle or according to your requirements)
    6. Various thicknesses (0.5mm-100mm)

    Company Introduction

    Shandong Huayi Tech New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in China and was established in 2018. The company is committed to the development and application of materials such as silicon carbide and boron carbide in multiple industries.

    The company's main products are silicon carbide powder and ceramics, boron carbide powder and ceramics, silicon carbide ceramic films, nuclear power boron carbide materials, etc. These products are widely used in the nuclear power industry, military industry, environmental protection, new energy, chemical industry and other fields.

    Product Application

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    Bulletproof armor plate: Silicon carbide ceramics can be made into bulletproof armor plates, which are used for the protection of vehicles, aircraft, and ships, providing effective bulletproof capabilities.

    Bulletproof shields and vests: Silicon carbide ceramics can be made into bulletproof plates for bulletproof shields and vests, providing personal protection and protecting soldiers and safety personnel from bullet injuries.

    Bulletproof windows and protective walls: Silicon carbide ceramics can be used to manufacture bulletproof windows and protective walls, providing bulletproof protection for buildings and facilities.