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Shandong Huayi Tech New Materials Co., Ltd.
Shandong Huayi Tech New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in China and was established in 2018. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of inorganic non-metallic materials and advanced ceramics. The company is committed to the development and application of materials such as silicon carbide and boron carbide in multiple industries.
  • 10
    years Experience
  • 5000
    Productive capacity
  • 10
    Production Line


The company's main products are inorganic non-metallic powder materials and ceramic materials, mainly including silicon carbide powder and ceramics, boron carbide powder and ceramics, silicon carbide ceramic films, nuclear power boron carbide materials, etc. These products are widely used in the nuclear power industry, military industry, environmental protection, new energy, chemical industry and other fields.
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About Factory

The enterprise has established 1 R&D center and 10 production lines, as well as laboratories and testing centers. We have invested in advanced research and development production equipment such as pressureless vacuum sintering furnaces, hot pressing sintering furnaces, hydraulic presses, and isostatic presses. The annual production capacity of powder materials is 5000 tons, and the annual production capacity of ceramic products is 1000 tons. The company has passed ISO quality management system certification and conducts testing on each batch of products before delivery to ensure the provision of high-quality products. The company has the qualification of a qualified supplier from China National Nuclear Corporation. The company has experienced and innovative industry talents and research and development teams, totaling over 50 people, with rich practical experience in product design and engineering applications.

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Our unparalleled customization capabilities enable us to meet the requirements of almost all powder and ceramic products in any market, ensuring that every step we take helps customers find the products they need. Adhering to innovation, standardization, and precision production is our consistent goal, and we guarantee stable quality and favorable prices for every customer.

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